What Makes Our Pediatric Dental Office Special

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At the office of Dimitri Bizoumis, DDS, we create life-changing smiles for our patients and families. Our exceptional dentists, Dr. Bizoumis, and Dr. Pinnick, are passionate about helping kids keep their smiles healthy and enjoy their dental visits.

Dr. Bizoumis and his team always thank our patients for visiting our office and show each patient we value them and care about their health. We’re committed to giving our patients the very best with quality care, a fun environment, innovative treatment, and an honest approach. Kids and parents all love our upbeat attitudes and enthusiastic atmosphere as we let our love for our work and our patients shine through in all we do.

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A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

We know that your child’s smile today is the foundation for all their future smiles. As experienced pediatric dentists, we can help ensure that their development goes smoothly and use effective treatments to address problems and prevent future complications. We’re also committed to helping kids feel good about dental visits through our honesty, compassion, patience, and positive approach.

We take the time to build a bond with every child we see. Many of our young patients continue to visit our next-door general practice even when they’re grown, and are happy to bring their own kids to see us as well!

Is Your Child Getting the Pediatric Dental Care They Need?

What makes a pediatric dentist different from a general dentist is that we have an advanced understanding and experience with a child’s dental development and unique health needs. We can evaluate the healthiest and safest approach for each child, making sure they receive the right care at the right age. We also know how to work with children, helping them feel safe and comfortable in our office, a place we’ve designed just for them!

Making Your Visit Fun and Friendly!

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Kids who like seeing the dentist grow up to be more diligent in seeking dental care as adults! That’s why we strive to make every visit a positive and memorable experience for your child. Our office is bright, clean, and spacious. We have many amenities to keep kids entertained, including toys, cartoons, and arcade games.

Everyone on our staff loves working with kids and greets them with a smile. We talk to children in an age-appropriate way, using kid-friendly language to make dental health concepts accessible and fun. You can always trust that our dentists and staff will treat kids in a way that makes them feel confident, respected, and safe.

The Dental Care Your Child Deserves

At the office of Dr. Dimitri Bizoumis, seeing a child’s healthy smile is our favorite part of what we do. We know how life-changing a healthy smile can be for both our kids and their families, and we’re committed to using the best techniques and technology to ensure they receive great care.

We’re excited to get to know you and your child! Contact our office to schedule your visit today!


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