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Our pediatric dental office is here to help restore and enhance young patients’ smiles. We use modern and careful procedures to not only care for the present state of your child’s dentition, but help them secure a healthy future as well.

Highest Standards for Our Patients’ Health and Wellness

We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, treating children as if they were our own and giving them the best care available. In addition to comprehensive pediatric dentistry, we also offer orthodontic services that allow for more comprehensive care of your child’s dentition. At Dimitri Bizoumis, DDS, Inc. taking care of young smiles is our priority.

Preventive Dentistry for Healthier Smiles

The best way to provide your child with a bright dental future is to begin educating them on the importance of oral health while they are young. We instruct each patient on proper dental hygiene, showing them how to brush and floss correctly and why they need to do so. With parents’ help for good at-home care, a child can often avoid developing cavities in the first place.

During routine checkups, we survey your child’s smile with care, making sure not to miss any signs of future dental health issues. Dr. Dimitri Bizoumis, our Huntington Beach pediatric dentist, is prepared to care for your child with advanced technology that improves his knowledge of your child’s dental health and development. 

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As professionals in our field, it’s important to maintain and widen our knowledge of dentistry. We stay up-to-date on everything from new procedures to new technology and strive to implement these advancements whenever possible. We also attend lectures and maintain our connections to various dental and professional organizations so that we are informed about new changes in the field of pediatric dentistry. This is all so that we may provide the best service to you and your children.

A Comfortable Experience

We want to provide a positive experience whenever a patient enters our practice, but we understand that some patients are uneasy when they enter a dental office. Our entire staff is committed to treating every patient with care and compassion. We accommodate each patient to the best of our ability to maximize comfort and create an experience that engenders trust and a positive, continuing relationship.

From everyone here at Dimitri Bizoumis, DDS, Inc, thank you for the chance at caring for your dental needs.

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